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Jade Massager

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This Jade massager by Holisticspa is a face roller tool. There are many benefits of a jade face roller including lymphatic drainage and and the reduction of puffiness and even wrinkles. The Jade face roller helps to tighten and firm the skin and helps to absorb skincare products such as oil into the skin more easily. Massaging the skin with this face roller daily help to smooth wrinkle lines. 

Jade massager is one of the best choices for facial rolling and the original Gua Sha.  Green Jade massager promotes calmness and balance. Jade face foller has a long history of use in Chinese medicine. It's widely considered by the Chinese as the ultimate gemstone for ancient Chinese beauty treatments. 

Best for:

  • contouring and lifting
  • loosing tight facial muscles
  • use with facial oil

Directions for using the Jade massager:

  • cleanse face thoroughly
  • apply favorite facial oil to skin
  • start with the larger roller and evenly work the roller from neck to forehead
  • roll from clavicle up the chin
  • roll from chin along jawline and repeat as necessary
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