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Selected Button Pocketed High Low Cardigan

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Product Features of this Silvert s Adaptive Wheelchair Capes:

  • Easy Access Dressing  Full Front Zipper for Easy Access
  • Detachable Hood  Has an Detachable Cozy Hoodie to Keep Your Head Warm
  • Winter-Warmth & Comfort  Designed to Keep You Warm Without Feeling Heavy during the cold Weather
  • Wheelchair Fit  Shorter Back Stays Clear of the Wheelchair Wheels
  • Quality Machine Washable  Polyester

Luxurious Faux Fur-Lined Wheelchair Cape is as fabulous as it is functional! Specially designed for winter-warmth and wheelchair-comfort. The outer shell is water-resistant polyester. The lining is soft, warm faux fur. Detachable hood. Large, easy access pockets. The specially designed shorter back stays clear of wheels! Full front zipper. As an added feature sides have snaps that can be closed to create sleeves. 

Quality Machine washable Polyester.

One Size cape.

Ships: U.S. & Canada

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