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Women's Extra Extra Wide Slippers Antimicrobial

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Women's extra extra wide slippers with antimicrobial fabric technology inhibit the growth of microbes that cause odor and fabric damage. Adjustable closures accommodate even the most swollen feet and swollen ankles with comfort. These cozy slippers are a great choice for elderly with bunions, corns, hammer toes, foot edema, diabetes and podiatry foot problems. Also these extra wide bedroom slippers feature skid-resistant non slip slipper soles and have removable insoles to accommodate orthotics.

Wide Width - terrific for swollen feet or swollen ankles

Fluid Barrier Advantage - great for incontinence and protects from spills & smells

Adjustable Easy Touch Closure - accommodates different levels of swelling

Removable Insole - allows for orthotics

Tested Slip Resistant Soles - helps prevent potential slips and falls on dry or wet surfaces.

This women's extra extra wide slippers can been worn as a shoe and are terrific for those with arthritis or lowered hand dexterity.

Do not go up a size to accommodate width or swelling.

*Garments featuring antimicrobial technology do not protect users or others against bacteria, viruses or disease organisms. Always follow all best practices for infection prevention.

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