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Women's Side Zip Jeans

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Product Features of Women's Side Zip Jeans:

Women's Side Zip Jeans are perfect for self dressing with discrete internal pull up loops an easy to use side zipper and tab closures for ease of dressing. Someone needing assistance with dressing could be aided more easily when both zippers are brought into play. 

Washing Instructions:

Quality machine wash & dry. Quality machine 82% Cotton/ 16% Polyester/2% Spandex

Magnets are sewn into this clothing and under some circumstances could lead to FATAL or SERIOUS INJURY:

  • May interfere with implanted medical devices, including pacemakers. Consult a physician before wearing
  • Ingestion hazard: If a magnet becomes exposed or clothing becomes worn or torn near the magnet, keep out of reach of children and dispose of garments & magnets.
  • If magnets are swallowed, seek medical attention even if the person is not choking
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