Silver is the New Black | Silver Sisters

Silver is the New Black | Silver Sisters

We are so excited to share this new collaboration with you! Fransje, aka Silver is the New Black, a famous Dutch model, designed this unique collection to celebrate silver hair silver sisters and the trend to ditch the dye and go grey.

Historically, growing your hair out naturally has been looked down upon and Fransje and the Art in Aging community are working hard to push back against this tired narrative.

Today, women and men all over the world are letting their hair naturally go grey and they are sharing their stories and inspiration all over the world. The 'Silver is the New Black collection' was created to promote the powerful message that grey hair is beautiful.

What is a Silver Sister?

A silver sister is part of an international community of women and men who are pushing back against ageist stereotypes and stigmas by letting their hair grow naturally grey.

  Silver is the New Black

Silver is the New Black T-Shirt

Silver is the New Black T-Shirt

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