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The Inspiring Silver Sisters

What does silver sister mean? 

The term silver sister was started by a group of women who collectively discovered the joy in letting their hair’s color grow out naturally. The idea is that these silver sisters would not dye their hair and instead, they would defy societal norms and let their hair grow naturally gray. But together these women were doing more than just letting their hair rebelliously grow gray - they were breaking down tired, dated stereotypes. It was a celebration of choice. They were celebrating their freedom and the beauty of going grey. They were celebrating their choice to grow gray their way and infused their own personal style.

Who are the silver sisters?

The silver sisters community is open to everyone worldwide looking to proudly grow their hair gray. Transitioning to gray is more than just letting the hair go gray, it’s about an emotional journey that involves strength, independence and confidence. 

“We are here to change people’s perceptions about gray hair,” says Jin.  

Women Embracing Silver Hair


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