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Copper & Crystal Face Roller Jade

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Face Roller Jade are wonderful body and face massages and are most used for the face. They are the perfect addition to your skincare routines. Made with copper metal and 100% natural polished crystals from Brazil, these facial rollers can help to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, crows feet, tired and puffy eyes and more. Available in several different polished crystal options. 

Face Roller Jade used for lymphatic drainage, relieving tension and improving elasticity.

Sodalite roller hydrates skin cells and calms inflammation

Lapis Lazuli hydrates skin to calms inflammation and relax the user

Instructions for use:

  • Double roller enhanced for different areas of face
  • Use larger roller in outward motions on cheeks, forehead, and chin/neck
  • Use smaller roller for under and around eyes
  • Use sweeping motions from face and outward to hairline for best results
  • Rinse each crystal with warm water and wipe with soft cloth to clean crystal from facial oils

Stones from Brazil and shaped and manufactured in China

Shipping: 2-5 Days U.S. only

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