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Extra Wide Shoes with Sherpa Lining

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Signature True Fit Insole System: 

Removable insole and two layers of spacers allow the wearer to customize the fit of these slip on extra wide shoes. Shoe width is adjustable from B to 2E so it can accommodate extra wide feet or swollen feet. 
How True Fit Works:  

  • Too Loose? Add one or both spacers under the insole to make the shoe fit more snugly 
  • Too Tight? Remove the spacers and wear with the insole on its own 
  • Use Orthotics? The removable nature of the insole and spacers allow you to customize your shoe as needed for optimal comfort 

Fabrication & Feel

  • Suede and leather exterior with quality leather for durability and style
  • Sherpa lining - plush sherpa interior provides added warmth and comfort
  • Lightweight cushioned rubber sole gives feeling of walking on a cloud 
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