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LED Light Therapy Mask

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This LED Light Therapy Mask, an innovative treatment that uses 7 different types of light benefits the skin through bio-ray therapy. After finishing your daily skincare routine, wear the LED Light Therapy Mask for ~15 minutes. The different wavelengths from the various lights produce unique benefits, such as acne prevention, generating the production of collagen and improving blood circulation.

Benefits of the different wavelengths of light:

Red - increases blood circulation, generates collagen, and prevents wrinkles.

Blue - reduces appearance of acne by improving hair follicle's environment.

Orange - improves exchange of oxygen within cells, accelerates blood circulation.

Green - provides neutralization, balancing of skin, lightening of hyper-pigmentation, and calming mental effect. 

Purple - red and blue dual-band light that can reduce the appearance of acne scars

Light Purple - diminishes of age spots, fine lines, and sagging skin.

Cyanine - enhances cell energy, promotes metabolism function.

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