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Natural Sea Salt Scrub

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This natural sea salt scrub by Hella Uses combines four oils cold infused with herbs to relax muscles. Use for sore muscles, arthritis, inflammation, varicose veins,  menstrual cramps, and to improve circulation.

Natural Sea Salt Scrub helps to restore the skin’s natural pH and exfoliate impurities to promote the growth of new skin cells. Sea salt contains zinc to balance oil production to aid oily or dry skin.

How to Use Natural Sea Salt Scrub:

Apply to dry skin and rub in a circular motion. Follow with a hot shower or bath.

To treat a headache or insomnia gently massage on your face, especially temples, hair line and cheekbones, plus the rest of your body as usual.

Organic Ingredients:

Himalayan Sea Salt, Green Tea Oil and Olive Oil Cold infused with Arnica, Lavender, Chamomile, White Willow, Wood Betony, Fennel, Cat’s Claw, Calendula, Kava, Prickly Ash Bark, Valerian, Feverfew, Black Cohosh, Sassafras, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E.

RAW-Never heated to protect medicinal value of ingredients. The oil blend was made by steeping concentrated amounts of carefully selected herbs in high quality cold pressed oils for seven weeks. Totally ORGANIC-Out of love for the planet and us!

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