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Hair Fiber™ - Blonde

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Hair Fiber ™ - For thin hair

Hair fibers for people with thin hair (Large bottle with 25 grams Color: Blonde)

Do you find it a hassle to have thinning hair or feeling bald? Hair fiber is a unique product that makes thin hair feel thick and rich in just seconds. In just a few seconds your hair feels four times as thick with our Hair Fiber™. You "Salt" the hair fiber over the place where you are bald or have thin hair to get the feeling and look of having thick hair. Hair Fiber™ is a much simpler and cheaper option than other ways to get your hair back like regain products or hair transplant. Now you can feel safe in your hairstyle just like you did before.

White One®'s - Hair Fibre™ consists of organic keratin, a fiber charged with negative ions to be able to attach to the hair shaft and therefore build up the volume of the hair. It hides your outgrowth whether your outgrowth is lighter or darker. Hair Fiber™ contains no harmful chemicals and is not made of cotton, as many cheap copies, and is therefore of much higher quality!

For best results, you can use the White One - Fiber Wax™ to style your hair before applying our Hair Fiber ™. Then use hairspray once you got the hair done like you want, and the hair style will stay all day long.

How to apply our Hair Fiber:

  1. Always apply White One® - Hair Fiber ™ in a dry hair, either styled with White One®'s - Fiber Wax ™ or completely unfixed.
  2. Powder the fiber by holding the can 10-15 cm above the desired area.
  3. Work the hair fibers firmly with your hands to maximize the electrostatic energy.
  4. Finish with fixing her hair with hairspray to secure and provide stability.
  5. Washed off with water and shampoo.

Hair Fiber comes in colors: Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown, Blonde, Red and White / Grey.
Large bottle with 25 grams is enough across about 60-90 days!

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